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Jzade Forte - Give It Up lyrics

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Give It Up by Jzade Forte

Will they ever give up
Will they ever get enough
*Will They give it up"
(Why they hating on me)
(What the hook gone be)
Voice: where they do that at
*Will you ever give it up*
(What's wrong with em)
(Why They Hating one me)
Voice: shade honey
*Give it up... Give it up
(What the hook gone be)
(Ima gone get em)
*You just need to give it up*
Catch tht yea
*They will never give it up
Voice: save the drama for your mama
They will never give it up (nope)
They well get enough (nope)
They will never have enough to compare to my stuff (yaaa)
I done gave em so much
Might roll up in a truck
(Flashing cash )
These haters don't want it know I flaunt it
I been going since the end of last summer *Trick or treat*
And I'm only 19 (killing) 21 and over
I ain't gotta talk much (why)
Money talk for me
I'm coming in ya country
(Like a bomb)
That's atomic
Ima soldier by myself
Aint never had an army (pow)
Just a couple close friends and my family down for me (whew)
Dint aim to set trends
But I stay in trendy clothing
Stay in fendi coaches
Louis v an dolce
And gobanan
Performing at the copa
Phantom of the opera
Came in drop top
Show out in crop top
Screaming out
4 gs in the lot
Good girl got gwap
With 4 gs in the lot
Is it my cars is it my cars (maybe)
Is it my bank account on swole (probably)
Is it tht I sell out every single show
Or the fact tht I got so many copies sold
Could it be my bag could it e my swag
Are they mad cuz I never take off my tags
I just wash it toss it to the basket (whew)
I don't wear it twice when I'm done you can have it that was one night
Give it up
Say I don't talk enough
That mean all I say
I can back it all up (real talk)
Plus I'm so clutch
And my clutch so clutch (skrrr)
And I'm sitting in the whip and the clutch got a clutch
You just waiting on ya time
Oh well time is up
I got so much more
Of this here Coming up
So if you ain't had enough
You just need to give it up
They just need to give it up
Y'all just need to give
Will they ever give it up
Gone take that L
It's not working

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