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Julia Nunes - Stay Awake lyrics

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Stay Awake by Julia Nunes

It's like I don't have the patience
Or the willpower to separate myself
From this inundating era I've been dealt
And all across the nation, pixelated screens light up the night
For insomniacs and night owls alike
We can turn off the lights
The sun's coming up
No dreams tonight to interrupt
Turn off the alarm before it sounds
Get out of bed without putting your head down, down
I've been closing my eyes real tight
The space between my lids betrays a light
So I'm up again, I've lost the will to fight
Schooling information pulls me in and holds me in a trance
Link to link, no I don't stand a chance
Stay awake with me
In the darkness you will see
What I've known all along, all along
Baby when you're sleeping
I wonder if you see me in your dreams
Do you know exactly what all of it means?
Maybe we are falling
And when I hit the ground I disappear
But you open up your eyes and I'm still here

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