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Juicy J - Like A Pimp lyrics

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Like A Pimp by Juicy J

[Juicy J]
Now I ain't the one with the magic wa wa wand
But I can break a bitch for the cheese and funds
I don't have to use a gun or even make the hoe cum
If a nigga go to jail then a bitch make bond
While you shakin dat ass in the shake ja ja joint
I be sittin in the back rollin big bu bu blunts
Let me know when you off to collect my money
If a nigga can't get it then a nigga will haul
Cause playas like me don't see nuttin funny
Bitch betta have my mutherfuckin money
Black eyes and bruisin up a face I den done it
To let her know these bonified pimps who run it
She make a G a night but she told me 200
But that's what I get fuckin wit a snow bunny
I told her like this ask dat nigga you be callin
Police found a body that very next morning
Chorus 1 (2x)
Gator Boots and the suits is the clothes
Like a pimp
Keep the money not folded in a roll
Like a pimp
When I see you bitch you betta have my dough
Like a pimp
Reach Back
Like a pimp
Slap Da Hoe
[Juicy J]
They wanna wear my shoes they wanna wear
My clothes they wanna ride round thru the
Hood with 20 hoes sittin back in the back
Like a nigga suspose with a chauffer drivin
Lettin his pimpin be choose
I can walk the walk and I can talk the talk
Bring yo girl to my room mane that's all you saw
Young nigga in the cut name Juicy J
Nigga skin black as dark like ebay
All these freaks cross the world they don't want to holla
If you ain't got 20's if you aint got dollars
Bitch fuck that shit we still gon pimp
We go ride thru the streets we go hit the
Dense we go smoke on dem blunts we go sip a fifth
We go stand on the corner wit a pistol grip
If you want to holla at us we ain't out for the squeeze
All we want is yo purse cause we out for the cheese
Chorus 1
[La Chat]
1 little 2 little niggas dats payin me
3 little 4 litle niggas eatin pussy
I'ma keep it real ain't no need of being in my grill
I'ma make you work pimpin dudes just to get a meal
Pimpin don't play pay what you fuckin weigh
Yeah I got the knowledge and the skills on gettin paid
Nigga wanna fuck but for what you ain't gave enough
Betta hit the strip slang dick cause a nigga bust
La Chat smokin on a sack like a real mack
Sittin back countin all my ends checkin all traps
Claimin you wont go that's a damn lie
You get got I have you hypnotized I don't even care
We can share in dis game hoe tossin these
Niggas for the dough is the way it go
Havin niggas sick about the way dat I did man
You should of told them I'm a real mutherfuckin pimp
Chorus 2(2x)
La Chat:Gucci Boots and the suits
Is the clothes
Juicy J:Like a pimp
La Chat:Keep the money not folded
In a roll
Juicy J:Like a pimp
La Chat:When you see boy don't act like
Yen ain't know
Juicy J:Like a pimp
La Chat:Reach back
Juicy J:Like a pimp
La Chat:Slap the hoe

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