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Josh Joplin Group - Juniper lyrics

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Juniper by Josh Joplin Group

Late nights
Early morning
We talked until there was nothing left to say
It was strange the war was on
But ive never felt so safe
But ive never seen better days. better days
No ive never seen better days....
You laugh
You understood
Something unfamiliar
And i didn't think, i could feel this way
I was cold
And tired
And the world outside was hungry
And lines were tragic, but it didn't seem to matter
It was easier than to turn the other way
From the ruins of rage
I guess we were scared
And when I kissed you
Concealing my confusion
O what i knew, but just couldn't say
I loved you, i loved you
O how i love you
The end is here...
The end is here....
The end is here.....
And I've never seen, better days...
Better days
No I've never seen, better days...

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