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Jon Bon Jovi - Let it rain w/ luciano pavaroti lyrics

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Let it rain w/ luciano pavaroti by Jon Bon Jovi

Last night I had a dream
That there would be a morning after
Long days of sunshine and peace
Long nights of love, forgiveness, and laughter
Maybe it was just a dream, but it could be reality
Children are like planting seeds
You’ve got to let their flowers grow
Don’t you know
Fa che piova, (Let it rain)
Fa che il cielo mi lavi il dolor (Let heaven wash away my pain)
Fa che piova (Let it rain)
che sia la pace il nome d'amor (That peace would be the name of love)
Today I saw a child
Just like my child
Someone's son or daughter
I watched as they played for a while
I wanted to cry;
Those babies just smiled.
Maybe it was just a dream
But it should be reality.
A child is just God's sign that
Peace and love are seeds that make tomorrow's grow...
Go on, we’ve tried war
No one wants peace more
Than the children who ask their dads why...
Na na na...
Fa che piova
Fa che piova

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