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Johnny Hates Jazz - Punkrock Anarchy lyrics

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Punkrock Anarchy by Johnny Hates Jazz

All you oldschool punks, there's lots of way of punk rock anarchy.
There's Blink-182, they think they're so anarchy
But I remember the days of Greenday,
That was some serious punk rock anarchy.
Yeah, man. That was anarchy, that was anarchy, man.
People, they don't even, they don't even realize
How anarchy the Sex Pistols were.
Some people like Crass, they say The Sex Pistols didn't know what anarchy was.
But they're not even, they're not even anarchy enough.
Yeah, man, The Sex Pistols invented anarchy.
Yeah, they're not anarchy enough to even know
That The Sex Pistols invented anarchy like that song,
Anarchy in the U.K.
And this one time, I was walking down the street,
And this guy was like "hey you need a ride?",
And I was like "No, man. I'll walk. Your car's a piece of the system.
I'm part of the system when you use your car."
Yeah, 'cos I'm punk rock anarchy.
You know, one day this guy came up to me with a gun and he was like
"Hey, man. I'm gonna kill you."
And I'm like "Well you know what? I don't care.
I don't give a fuck. I'm into it, 'cos I'm punk rock anarchy."
You know what? I can't even make a proper British accent,
I don't even care 'cos I'm anarchy.
It doesn't even matter how much of a not British person I am.
Yeah, we were like, some guy was like, hey, man.
Don't you know British accents are the new punk?
And I'm like "Yeah, man. But I'm too punk rock anarchy to learn one."
Damn, the song's over.

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