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Johnnie Taylor - Free lyrics

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Free by Johnnie Taylor

Honey, stop your lies
You ain't got to lie no more
Sugar, stop your cheating
You ain't got to cheat no more
'Cause the lowdown dirty things
You do at night
At last it come to the light
And I can see clearly now
Take off your mask, baby
I can see straight through your soul
And what I see was a doggone thing
I can't understand why I didn't see it before
You misused my love for so long
You throw me love like you throw a dog a bone
And that's why the name of this song is called
Free, glad I got over you
I wanna say that one more time
For the benefit of those who didn't hear me
I said I'm free, free, I'm glad I gotten over you
Listen to me
When you do me like you do me
Tell me what else can a poor boy do?
I want you listen to this
Let the four winds blow
Let them blow [Incomprehensible]
If you turn I'd be your sweet angel tomorrow
Loving you I just couldn't see, guess why
You misused my love for so long
You throw me love like you're throwing a old dog of bone
It's one thing I wanna explain about that bone
You gave away the steak and you know that's wrong
Even dogs get tired and he will bury that bone
I said I'm free, I'm over you
I'm free and I'm over you
Listen to it
Sitting at home alone
By the rain is falling
Looking at the phone, baby
But you never, never call me
I gotta tell, free, baby, free baby, yes, I am
And I'm over you, I'm gonna say one more time
Free, oh, oh, honey, thank God I'm free at last, baby
And you don't worry me, I told you a long time ago
That just a matter of time that I would have my freedom I feel only you

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