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Joey Martin - When The Needle Hit The Vinyl lyrics

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When The Needle Hit The Vinyl by Joey Martin

We never saw 'em holdin' hands
Or kissin' all that much
But they must've dug each other,
Well heck there were six of us
Momma held fort down, daddy went to work
We never thought about what she meant to him
Or what he meant to her
Sometimes on Saturday they'd crank up that stereo
Grab a stack of old 45 records
And we'd watch 'em put on a show
When the needle hit the vinyl
Momma's hair came down
Daddy came unwound
In their own world
Just a boy and girl
We couldn't beleive our eyes
How they came alive
When the needle hit the vinyl
Six kids on a worn out couch we didn't say a word
Daddy put on "my girl" and he sang it right to her
Momma she was glowin' Daddy made the perfect moves
Neither one of them seemed like the mom and dad we knew
They both looked younger as they went round and round
Under the spell of that poppin' cracklin' sound
Repeat Chorus:
Then somethin' happened when they dance to the slow ones
They got this funny look then said ok kids it's time for bed
Repeat Chorus:

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