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Joe Tex - I gotcha lyrics

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I gotcha by Joe Tex

I Gotcha!
Uh-huh. Huh.
You thought I didn't see you now, didn't ya?
Uh-huh. Huh.
You tried to sneak by me now, didn't ya?
Uh-Huh. Huh.
Now gimme what you promised me. Give it here! Come on!
You promised me the day that you quit your boyfriend,
I'd be the next one to ease on in.
You promised me it would be justice due,
And i'd be the only man kissin' on you.
Now kiss me!
Hold it a long time, hold it!
Don't turn it a-loose, now, hold it!
A little bit longer, now, hold it - COME ON!
Hold it! Come on! Hold it! Hold it! HOLD IT!
Ease up for me now, give it y'all, HEY!
Good god, hey! The girls alright y'all. Ha ha!
You made me a promise and you're gonna stick to it.
You shouldn'ta promised if you wasn't gonna do it.
You saw me and ran in the other direction. Yeah.
i'll teach you to play with my affections. Yeah.
Now give it here!
You never shoulda promise to me, give it here!
Don't hold back now, give it here!
Don't say nothin', just give it here, COME ON!
Give it here! Give it here! Give it here! GIVE IT HERE!
Give it to me now!
Oh, I Gotcha!
You never shoulda promised to me.
You never shoulda said to me.
Give it on up, I gotcha!
Give it on here, I gotcha!
You tried to sneak by me now, didn't ya?
Good god I gotcha!
Oh, I gotcha.

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