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Joell Ortiz - Seven Deuce lyrics

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Seven Deuce by Joell Ortiz

Alright, take a ride with me y'all
Dim the lights seem too bright
Like a vivid night in the sky in July
When the... and the future's right
I rose to it in a blink, be scared that I bite
My... look how much shit I write
No more mister polite, you unleashed the beast in me
So suck my dick if you ain't never believed in me
This little dough I been getting, bitches teasing me
How many to see more yet, keep feeding me
I'm chop dog, you ain't nothing but measly
Much and... chores up easily
Oh, you heard what I said, you like that work
Well I was off with a head I ain't write that word
Whoever it is telling you that you nice has nerve
Beating over your head with a spiked bat turd
I'll crash your show spit and get a mike back herb
Say something I twist your shit like a Mike Jack swerve
I'm bk till I decay with each day
Somebody running home, not from a bond
But it's still a squeeze play
You odo, you ain't give up that cheese
Sooner or later you'll paypal no ebay
I stayed in the gutter mice, laid in a rubber
Open up the fridge and the ice tran on butter
Forgive what I say cause I love them
But on the nice days in the summer
Soft white stayed in my mother brother
Because of this music, a lot of shit changed
But now that I really look, a lot stayed the same
I used to rock snicks with the hoes in the front
Now I'm more south beach but open toes when I front
We did pull up to the center... place
And I pull up to the center with a temporary place
I had a big rain coat and all my feathers was fly
Now my red... is dope and my feathers is fly
I used to sling crack twisted in glad rap
I still sling crack don't get it twisted
Ain't y'all glad that I rap
High-school my teacher said young man stand in the back
Bumping till I let my young man stand in the back
My son asked me
Daddy, how you rhyme, how you do all them shows
And remember all them lines
I sat him down
Daddy's been doing this a long time
It's a practicing, practicing, practice but sure
When I was tied I practice some more
So if you practice for your spelling test like I practice
Imagine your score
Now run along cause daddy got more work to do
I just got me a new beat, I gotta... this too
I ain't sick, I got the worsest flu
And an aggressive malignant flow
Look how quick my verses grew
The doctor said I'm sorry just what you have it's terminal
That's why I win a... they say I bodied it
Back your Brooklyn, project lobby shit
... in the mailbox whoever feel froggy shit
Hand to hand in the stairs like it ain't obvious
Brown bag over the bed, late night retardiness
I was bread when prime was a... we had bread
So the first 4 days we had bread,
A mattress on a corner on the floor was a bed
And when it snowed, a piece of card board was a sled
What the fuck you think I'm going hard knucklehead?
I come from nothing, daddy got dressed in...
So yeah I come from nothing... it was a battle
But I won the fucking war
It's cool to hate but I don't know what you fronting for
I'm the best bottom line like an underscore
Point me out another nigger spitting like me
Who, him? Man homie sweeter than this lipton ice tea
Superman, who wanna come try, kryptonite me
Watch the sun fly away when I spit the...
I'm the one, you wouldn't believe the shit that I seen
I'm the one Neo,...
My balls hang, yeah, I just let them loose
You in the hate me gang, come on say the truth
I'm just sipping my nice leather juice
Riding round town relaxing, in my seven deuce
Yeah, I told you man this is fun for me
I mean that from the bottom of my soul
Keep sending them beats in
I keep sending them back, fuck up nigger, hahaha, yeah

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