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Jimmy Witherspoon - Get Your Hands Off lyrics

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Get Your Hands Off by Jimmy Witherspoon

Yeah! ("Jin" being chanted in the background)
I got this part right here.
[Verse 1]
From the start to the finish
I’ma bark on contenders
Wanna tarnish my image
I can’t promise forgiveness
See I was never like this
My mom’s would never like this
And y’all was never like us
That’s why y’all never bite this
See I might take your style
Flip it back, make it crack
Sell a couple mil get some stacks
Take the gold and not take it back
I’m spittin lines of fire
I’m in the line of fire
Designer attire, makin me a sign of desire
I just rhyme to inspire, your favorite line supplier
I run through fan’s signs and landmines with size of tires
How many minds inquire, I got mines and acquired
Enough props to make y’all resign and retire
Now hold on, and just STOMP STOMP
Get your hands off me
Now hold on, and just STOMP STOMP
Get your hands off me
[Verse 2]
This is hot as it gets, your shit’s not as intense
My flow got ‘em convinced, they ain’t got at ‘em since
My back’s against the wall
So if I turn and flee and run from what’s in front if me
That won’t make no sense at all
It’s for my dimes and divas, haters and non-believers
They just try’na deceive us like Judas dishonored Jesus
Why you try’na critique this, don’t take kindness for weakness
Leave you behind the speakers, body minus some pieces
You got records to sell, I got records to break
You will never excel against me measure the weight
I got too much at stake, I just follow my faith
Annihilate and dominate and I ain’t even try’na wait

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