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Wake Up You're Leaving Lyrics

Jimmy Robbins


Wake Up You're Leaving Song Lyrics

Wake Up You're Leaving by Jimmy Robbins

[Verse 1]
The silence wakes up, from under your make up
A tear bleeds the armor off of your face
And blue is now leaving, your face behind bleeding
As it dances it’s way past your lips
And the words still remain, as your eyes cringe in pain
An attempt to keep your cool
A tear hits your tongue, as your world comes undone
And everyone around you pretends that they care

Breathing in has never been so hard
And closing your eyes has never felt so right
You were never one to make a scene
But that doesn’t matter tonight
[Verse 2]
I trace the lipstick, for anyone who missed it
Back to it’s home smeared across your face
Unanswered phone calls, well they don’t solve
Anything except that you
Know you aren’t wanted, that’s not how you wanted
It to be
And you tears spell out, something you feel now
A five letter word, alone


You’ll take your pride, leave it behind
Or at least what pieces are left
And you’ll move on, move on
And hopefully you’ll find some self-respect
In the bookstore on the isle
Filled with romance novels
You’ll read your days away,
Remembering what you lost


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