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Jim Jones - Get it poppin lyrics

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Get it poppin by Jim Jones

Jha Jha Verse: Now I am fresh out of bail/ harder flyer than a muthaf**k/ I don't do the rubby uh/ Sumthin like a rubber nut/ Sumthin like a hustler/ Got it runin through my blood/ You aint bout dat money/ Well honey I don't give a f**k/ trynna ball wit a hoodie on/ Cost about a stack/Got my booty shorts on but you can't see da stash/My shawty in da hood said he like it like dat/He put it on me good/and I throw it right back/Im a Playa/ Ima pimp/I'll stick ya up for ya riches/And all ya chips/Gimme da keys/I want da Juice/Da credit cards, Da dogs and house too/Dey see Im doin me/Dey see Im gettin paid/I still be in da hood/ Repersentin for da Days/Mercedes wanna hate/Try to stomp em /Ima Fake/O it's all in da game/ But im still gettin cake/Hook (Jha Jha):If you a G/Lemme see/You aint gotta pay for da dinner/Its on me/Lets get it poppin shawty/Lets get it poppin shawty/I get it poppin shawty/Lets get it poppin shawty/(Jim Jones) HookWe got da cash (Flossin')/Buy out da bars(Ballin')/Drop da tops out da celing/You see da stars (Uh)/We get it poppin shawty (Uh)/I get it poppin shawty (Uh)/We get it poppin shawty (Uh)/We get it poppin shawty (Uh)/ Jim Jones Verse: Now what b**ch don't want me (Who)/Young rich G (Ballin')/Gun beneath da seat/Pushin a hundred on da V (Speedin')/Hand on da rocks two seater how you call dat ( Foul)/Lambergini drop/Two divas how ya solve dat (Get Em)/Easy Just loosen up da bra strap/Make em feel sexy/Push da roof on da car back ( da celing's missin)/And den you let da breeze do da four play ( Caress her a little)/And den you let da V do da horseplay/Turn da city streets to a horse race/Burn rubber ( Vroom)/And word motha I got no cover Hoes love us ( Dey love us doe)/And I only fear da Lord above us (Gratefully)/So if you want me come and get me/Make it good muhf**ka ( I'm neva scared)/Just tell da hatas compliment dat (Chea)/I play wit paper by da ten stack (Cakin)/I love ladies wit a shoe fettish (HA HA)/I tell her baby I got a coupe fettish ( You hear dat)/You wanna ride wit a G/ Both hooksPrincess Verse:Now I can get it poppin/If you ready for us/Startin wit dem shoppin sprees/Im givin hints so dey know it/Who said love don't cost a thing/Im from da city where da chicks are thick/Blingin on dey neck and wrist/And niggas poppin bottles/While da ladies rock dey hips/You get to know me and i'll teach you somethin/To go from lil money flossin/To doin super stuntin/Im always griindin so Im gettin money/Stick wit me and you'll go far/Dem otha chicks dey come a dime a dozen/You say dat you a G/Well nigga let me see/I'll take you places where you neva thought dat you would be/I got a sassy mouth/And yea I'm from da south/And you could tell because you see my ass and hips poked out/I'm best dressed no doubt/Lets go it aint no thang/Princess im da chick/And don't forget my name/And this here wont change/You betta sho respect/Or we can really get it poppin/Jha Jha, Crime Mob, and Dipset/Both Hooks once

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