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Jilliane - Not Around lyrics

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Not Around by Jilliane

What am I supposed to say to you
Now I know what you're up to
Lame excuses you use for bein gone
Girl, I'm not used to living life alone
Even though you're not around
I got the sweetest memories that keep me bound
A source of hope somehow remains
I got this fool in love to blame
Tactless friends say life goes on
Empty sayings now she's gone
I couldn't care less about all the fish in the sea
Cuz all I need is her company
Hello apathy, long time no see
You always know to pick your time
But you can't replace the better half of me
So if you'll excuse me now, you ain't a friend of mine
Now I hold on to what's left of life
Gave up things not worth the strife
And just accept my cold reality
Of separate ways for you and me
Still girl...

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