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Jester's Tears - Everything lyrics

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Everything by Jester's Tears

Another notion
Another song
Another chapter?s end
Like a candle light it fades
Like a brook that?s flow it?s course
Time and time again
And everything that will remain
Is a silent memory
The stage grows dim
The curtain falls
Echoes fade away
Another hope - another day
Another moment
Another chance
And all the tears you hide
All the fears you keep inside
Like tides they come and go
A sorrow (hidden) under snow
And all the roads you?ve followed
And for all you did not find
Just close your eyes
Don?t turn away
Just leave the past behind
And live your dreams
Everything we keep inside
Everything that really matters
In my mind I search for words
Until my heart betrays
Everything we keep inside
Everything we sometimes hide
This song for you - Remember me
All I ask of you - Believe in me
I?ve watched in silence
Behind those eyes
Lost some bitter tears
Can water take the pain
Doubt and hopes in mind
Can I ever build the bridge
And I?m holding on tight
I can still hear the song
I seek in you
I find in you
All the paintings that I?ve drawn
Some distant lights - are burning bright
And for all the roads you?ll follow
And for all you will not find
Just search within
And face the fear
Never burn the bridge behind
And live your dreams

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