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Jessica Simpson - Walkin' 'round in a circle lyrics

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Walkin' 'round in a circle by Jessica Simpson

Life is a gamble
On with the wild on
And if I'm going to swing it
I must get motivated
Instead of lying in my bed
Unlike a train wreck
Truckin' down a fast hill
Heartbreak is overrated
If I try to dismount
I can get a head start out the door
I never loved the sun until it rains
I never get it well
If I stay in the same place
Always afraid of…
Gonna just get stuck in a dream where the answer's clear but no one knows it
It's like a toss up I gotta get out here
Cause I'm tired of the motions
I'm in blue no more
Walkin' round in a circle
Deja vu no more
Walkin round in a circle
Being redundant
Is never the woman trick
I ever wanna master
One quirk can get you focused
Cause the start of the circle
Is also the ending
One door has to close
Before the next can open
Gotta be my ???
Be my physic even once but go
How can I be my best
Is that never fair
How can I ever find peace
If I never yell
I gotta be stronger
I can't let the wind blow
Me on a cold night
I'll follow the sky like I am no longer

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