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Jerry Reed - I should stayed home lyrics

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I should stayed home by Jerry Reed

Well way down in the Okahanachi Swamp;
Is where old lady Wiggwamp made
Her juu-juu juicy fruit stomp.
I went to see her last night,
Tripped and fell in right into the
Alligator boo-koo-dee-doo-bamp!
Put the hammer down, son!
I knew right then and there;
I should stayed home.
I should never left house,
Should just sit polite like,
Hands folded in lap!
Well, old lady Wiggy-wamp,
A pork-a-pork-achop!
Don't stop the pork chop stampy stomp!
Son, heh-he!
Give me a cigerette.
Contempt of court!?!
What happened?
Awww, man.
I should stayed home.

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