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Jenniffer Rush - Love Get Ready lyrics

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Love Get Ready by Jenniffer Rush

I said: oh no
I wouldn't let it happen again
But I could feel my word just slippin' through the palm of his hand.
Just the sound of his voice
and I forget
about the price I've paid
It seems I've got no choice
Somewhere in my heart the decision's been made.
His love keeps gettin' stronger
but I think I could run if I tried.
Can't hold back much longer
guess it looks like we're in for a ride.
Love get ready
here I come
Keep my heartbeat steady till I know he's the one.
Love get ready
here I come
gonna catch me one more time!
I've heard all those lies and every way to say good-bye
But this heart of mine says he's not just another guy.
with every term
it's better than the time before
I only know this much
whatever it is
I've just gotta have more.
I can't keep my distance
I wouldn't do if I knew how
That doesn't make any difference
'cause I can tell you it's too late now!
Love get ready
here I come
Somebody wake me and bring me to my senses
Somebody shake me
I'm losing my defences.
Love get ready
here I come
Love get ready
here I come
get yourself ready
I can't taim him 'cause I'm loving it now.
Just get yourself ready
can't hold back
and I'm gonna let it get strong.

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