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Jason Thugs-m-futurama - Dr. Chef Darkerside lyrics

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Dr. Chef Darkerside by Jason Thugs-m-futurama

Hook: Bender [Zoidberg]
These killin' me just ya calling Dr. Chef Darkerside
Heh help everyone ?
[Just when you thought it was over]
Killin' back you're real from the kill
No price, I'm dead's decaying from bill
[Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide]
Verse 1: Bender Rodriguez
Robotic Voice the Bender Rodriguez
Represent 'em ya bad everyday them
Punch plugs, the blood hole the spill, anyday them
Kill cat when you trouble?
Give then shot ?
Verse 2: Dr. Zoidberg
Something the bloody victim
Jason 'em the DEAD?
"Drop Dead"? when I "b**ches niggas"?
'Em surface 'em f**kin' pops no say that
Hah, 'em quick of the ?
Verse 3:Hermes Conrad
Everday the dead
No 'em the dead
Drop Dead he's dead from the deep
Nobody flesh in the trouble death
He nothin' wrong with guys
'Em always of blood
Don't be sorry, 'em quick of flesh now crying
Pill 'em kill 'em kill 'em kill 'em kill 'em
Kill 'em ya Pops, dead body find me
Represent 'em these nothin'
''You're fired?''
Bridge: Bender [Zoidberg]
Now the 66. everyday from the run, run!
Everyday 'em the dead dead
[Dead 'em body effects of a victim.]
Verse 4: Philip J. Fry
Trouble kill a nigga
Nothin' sniper every
Down from the dead
'Em from the viper
Spot 'em he everyday
Now a killer everyday
Now is hardtimes
b**ch, now the eye
Calm down, 'em guys
Never me
Never mind
f**kin' 'em underground
Effects now the f**k ya
Every 'em can be
Trouble is easy
'Em the gangsta rap hardcore
b**ch, nevermind
Every coming through
Every faces of death
Here come the shot done
Play from the blood
Springin' 'em and plug
Nothin' 'em everyday
Now 'em I do it
Now it's the life
From the life
I day, everyday
Hehe now the pray
Play play
Now the dead
From 'em workin'
Dead body anymore
No mercy everyday
Hook 3x
Everyday 'em represent, nigga!

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