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Jason Greeley - The Good Part lyrics

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The Good Part by Jason Greeley

I see you sitting there trying to find a reason just to justify the tension comin on
We can go there if you want to but baby we don't have to
I gotta a better idea if you want
Instead of wastin a perfectly good evening
Lets just call it night right now, let it go let your guard down
Lets get to the good part baby
Into the making up and making love
Talkin bout the good part baby
Cause you know when the push comes to shove
We can melt it right before it starts and get on with the good part
I got you thinkin and I know you well enough
To know that you know where I'm comin from
Trying not to smile girl you know I got riled up
So curled up into my arms
Don't let go we're almost there

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