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Jasmine Guy - I wish lyrics

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I wish by Jasmine Guy

i'm a child i'm a growing child
still in the same middle as i've always been
when can i fit in
will i ever chose what's right instead of whats wrong
sometimes i think igot problems
i know i'm not dumb
i need more friendship
i need more people to see me
i'm notice only at separte times
i wish comments so bad never got to me
i wish that i only listened to my heart
am i doing what's right for me
i seriossuly got a big deal
it's okay for u because your not me
and i totally understand
when i grow up
nothing i hope to happen to me
no sickness or situations where i'm stuck
i can't find what i'm missing
( i can't find what i'm missing to death)
oh my god ) my friends they believe that things will change for me
any way i hope no-one is perfect )
no one is the best
we all are truly importentt to our selfs
i'm a nervous girl) i cant sing in frount of one person
some reason) i'm just and individual with butterflies locked up inside
( if i am only what you see please believe i can't sing in frount of you your the only one i see truly my friend
loving you is like so hard for me
oh oooooo loveing you is hard ) please believe )
please understand)ooooooooo
nobody knows me ( not so mucha ny more)
we all are truly importent to our selfs
all i hope is to be here for a long while
i hope things get better in live for me
i hope i hope that you see something instead of jut me
oh !my dreams are so true
my life has always been a difference
my thing i get inside are butterflies
i can't help i am not ok to sing to u
thisis a song all about telling you
what i hope or imagine or! wish)
i dunno i';m just trying to see who i really am
who am i ) truly admit )
confused day and night dosen't know what to do
cant make up my mind
over chosing u and this other lfie

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