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Jasmine Guy - I've missed you lyrics

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I've missed you by Jasmine Guy

since you've been away
i've had loneyness inside
and i've had bugs eating my soul
cause i am that use to you being
there every day i've felt inside
a different person
i've missed you so much
i can't wait to see you again
life has been different without seening
you once again i sing
since i'm two years older then you
i feel more then you do
it's very complcating
i've tried to make friendship work
between us i've tried to keep
us together forever
but it never seemed to work
you were there when i needed you
so i say i've missed you
all along even if i took my bad
attitude out on you
i hope you understand
what this is all about
i've become a new me
i've felt lots of different things
but one thing i learned between our friendship was
paitence, commenting about others, judement
i've learned more then you'll ever believe.
so i sing
i've felt inside like i'm a different person
i never knew without you i'd change
and feel different just thought
it'll always be the same so i say i've missed you
and felt loneyess inside felt lots when you were getting
ready to go didn't realise until now it was hard to say goodbye
please understand what this is all bout once again
so i sing
this is a new beginning for me
i must never take hold of it
once again i sing
this is a new beginning
must forget about the past
this is my life and i can't live without a goodbye, from you
ihope you know where i am coming from i've missed you
and i can't wait to see you once again

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