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Ja Rule - Thangs gon change lyrics

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Thangs gon change by Ja Rule

first off f**k the snitch and the unity thang f**k dre
formost and eminem plus we all heard it b4
they tired of them now they waitin 4 this thug sh*t
from rule again
and in case u wanna play with the thugs n sh*t
put a vest on yaself and yo childern
niggas be scared to death of the murderin
niggas who like to put 10 holes in kids
and incase yall aint heard about my savages
i'll kidnap ya kids throw em' over a bridge
get remineses of N-O-T-O-R-I-O-U-S you just
lay down slow and we keep bangin rap alot collabo
im fed up and i aint eben playin no mo
(thangs gon change)i aint gonna lie when the
heat waves high everybodys gotta die
(Thangs gon change)u betta believin we stoppin niggaz
from breathin poppin niggas and leavin
(thangs gon change) one way or another we gangstas
4rm the gutter we'll shoot ya and cut
(thangs gon change) ja u aint never lied when the heat waves high
everybodys gotta die
As i sit back relax cuttin crack loadin gats
i think about these sexy rappers that im gonna
clap ill probably go to jail 4 sendin niggas to jail
if i lay banks down yayos gon tell
he do ill help him rite then hell tell
black cal is black mail
rule his tracks sell IG nigga the boss of all costs
we get money off of music , murder, and torture
who got wat it costs 4 a coffin
fifty you a dead man walkin this is extortion
we all dent the crime everybodys
crying from all of yall dying
when the iron start flying
and now the public wanna talk about peace but
f**k peace cuz this nigga has the police
and black cal is half man half beast
and im gonna give all yall niggas a helpful
clipfull peace
its time to address the public niggas is frontin
like when we see em we aint thumpin
shots tryna lay sum down homie its nuttin
when u dealin wit real gangstas that'll pop and erase ya
my dogs aint playin man
when ever we see you we leavin ya there
aint no after math after the shots cleared
nigga we do it poppy bang like crips and bloods
and if sh*t change i still keep a strap in my waist
u betta watch yo mouth b4 i rip ya face off
and anybody u wit go jet the f**k off
yous aint gangstas u sweet as dove soap
D plays n games pop the f**k off
oh u want war everybodys gon get clipped the f**k up
everybody knows your block got buzzed off we
got big guns pay attention roll wit the niggaz and bangin on

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