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Ja Rule - Murda murda (freestyle) lyrics

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Murda murda (freestyle) by Ja Rule

*Over the "Holla Holla" Instrumental*
Murda Murda, I'm the nigga y'all heard of
Keep the game tight, wit Clumanati and ???Dura???
sh*t be hot, time to reach the top
The I-N-C got new York on Lock
Let's hit the Hot Spot with Foxy Brown
Let's go with Craig G, back to Uptown
Nigga f**ks wit us, nigga gets beatdown
Remember the theory, dogs can't drown
My sh*t be bootlegged, more than any other rapper
I say f**k it, like EPMD with ???
So when the lights go out, you f**k or die
And when the cops question you, you lie or die
(Chorus) x2
Ja Rule-
Murda Murda, everytime Clue be like
Word Up, Word Up -- can't stop the Murda like
Headrush Headrush, get your sh*t right
and bounce wit the Murda Murda
Say What?
Step it Up
Jay-Z and INC, bout to Lay it up
Cajz(Casual) or what ]]]Hell yeah, nigga
My Mother f**kin name ]]]Jigga Jigga
With the motherf**kin ]]]Murda Murda
So get it right, don't get it f**ked up
Or I just might have to blow your motherf**kin head up
Cause I go from lyrically strong to lyrically fit
And I'm ready to sh*t
On anybody who be wantin' to
To talk sh*t about it
Cause I be motherf**kin Jay-Z
and one third of the group, they call Murder I-N-C
(Chorus) x2
Type of nigga, that'll turn buckwild
Throw pain to dat ass, for f**kin up the rotation
(What?) Puff Puff Pass
My rhymes and lyrics be strictly the illest
and cause them niggaz feelin' this
They might make a album, featuring me
a freestyle or somethin with the I-N-C
I'll come through like M.I.B., erase ya memory
Cause DMX said they ain't ready for a nigga like me
Don't forget y'all, when it comes to stackin chips
to drivin whips, there ain't no competition
This sh*t here is my motherf**kin mission
And yes, I choose to accept it
Me and Clumanati are about to wreck it
So yo Ja Rule
Set It!
(Chorus) x2

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