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Jang Geun Suk - Shine lyrics

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Shine by Jang Geun Suk

I shine, you shine
[Verse 1]
Float in that wide-body roadster
Top down, feel like the sky closer
Get a fix, you know my life addictive
Might already wake up in the arms of a vixen
Started with a dream and a half-ounce
Somehow I end up in a party up in puff house
How you want it? my kicks is nine hundred
All I see is ghosts and phantoms, my life haunted
Raindrops falling, dancing on my bentley
Feel like the angels crying, lord help me
Living for the moment, fuck the cost dancer
Throwing singles out, focus on the dancer
Made it out of brooklyn but my heart in brooklyn
Black bandanna, yeah, this one for brooklyn
So fuck a record deal, nigga, my record real
Black smith and wesson, holding on my tec and steel
[Hook 2]
This is how we do
This is how we do everything all day
This is how we do
This is how we do everything all night
[Verse 2]
Champagne stains on my bent seats
Got my own set of keys, swizz beatz
Pretty women penetrated over silk sheets
Violators gets smacked in they front seat
Don't sleep cause you know what I'm about, huh
How I fuck celebrities, then rap about them
No conscience cause we're real dark tints
Prayed for my life and never bothered losses
Fuck when it's over, see you for like a million
Rocks that gold, my diamonds light up a building
This is how I do, mac 11 in a range ro'
If I really changed, it's the fame you should blame fo'
So this is for my dogs in them dark things
Fantasizing bout nicki in her g-string
Never losing, winning is a state of mind
Just remember, if I shine, you shine
[Hook 2]
[Verse 3]
I shine, you shine
In this day and time, who maintains, stay on the grind
Dedication, put in work
Let the dom circulate
Split it with family, call it reparations
Dealing with bricks on consignment
Set a nigga straight just like wheel alignments
Cause it don't die when you dap and relocate
Watch re-enactments on 1st 48
It's like, 'I don't know, your honor'
I plead the fifth, death before dishonor
It's like the game all twisted
We in it for the long run, we going the distance
Plus bucks in my pockets never slowed up
Got shooters that salute when I show up
Aim good plus the dream's still thorough
Ay yo main, this one for the borough
[Hook 2]

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