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Jay Jerkin' (Skit) Lyrics



Jay Jerkin' (Skit) Song Lyrics

Jay Jerkin' (Skit) by Jacynthe

Yo it's jay-da-kisssssssssssss
An another one
Uh huh
Jus' bring it to em'
Eh yo what up ma?

*(latin woman)*
Aya poppy, give it to me baby
(jerking noises)

*(jay)*ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!

*(door opens)*

*(gangsta)* nigga what the fuck u doin!

*(jada)*na yo what up, na it ain't like that homie

*(gangsta)*what tha fuck u mean it ain't like that?

*(jada)*that's what the fuck i mean nig

Yo yo yo yo
Emcee's catch cold feet when i hold heat
Creap to a low beat and kay slay like street sweep
Albums of 2000 poundin' muthafuckas like no more public housin'
Jada levelin' niggas to the groundin'
Buckin' in your spouse'n
Bringin' drama like osama and breakin' up thousands
Fuck the game
The game wants us
We clip so hard souls of our enemy's taunt us
To pull more triggers fuckit
I grab my gunz and buck'it
Like nas u gotta love'it when i touch it
On the mic jada flow toughest
Remember that

*(girls singing)*

Jada jada jada kiss
Where have u been and what is this?
How many times have i told ya i'm not ya bitch
If u like flirting with death, then here, go slit your wrists


Bitch, fuck you.

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