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Jacks Of All Trades - Part Of The Plan lyrics

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Part Of The Plan by Jacks Of All Trades

Since 1969 the devil has been messing with your mind
Wanting your soul content with nothing less
Digging you a hole leaving you a mess
Six-feet-deep is where you gonna end up
Throw your hands in the air let me see you surrender
This is no game wake up it`s real life
I wanna drown myself in the blood of Christ
Hear me - God can you hear me
Save me - Take away the yoke of sin
Take me - Take my hand Lord
Hand - Walk with me Lord
Let me - Let me God let me
Just be - Oh God I wanna be
Part of your plan
Since 1978 I`ve been knock knock knocking on heaven`s gate
I won`t let sin control my life
Won`t let dope gimme a high
The toob spits sex right in your faces
I`m so sick of violence drug dealers and hate
When I think of all this I feel like going insane
With heavenly thoughts I wanna fill my brain

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