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Izegrim - Tyrant Demokrázy lyrics

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Tyrant Demokrázy by Izegrim

I pity man's obedience to this damned society
Where one has lost control about his life
But if life is about convictions then my own judge I will be,
I won't accept that one-eye leads the blind
Pursuing universal equality is such a stupid noble thought
Fixing up European unity is just an invocation of the Gods
Tyrant Demokrázy
Soon you'll hear the army boots
Marching in the streets, pounding like they did in '39
Soon we'll all be subject to Hitlers legacy:
The becoming of the fourth Reich
"What has been divided, cannot be one in a day
What is rightfully given, should not be taken away
But they are the Führers and they do as they please
For they pave the path to our doom"
Tyrant Demokrázy

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