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Izegrim - New World Order lyrics

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New World Order by Izegrim

Finally now happened what was already plain to see
We're part of the so-called brave and the wannabe-free
With vile propaganda, our minds have been impaired
Under a new dictatorship, but no-one seems to care
Soon this modern crusade will have it's end
Many lives, a lot of money have been spent
You taught us theologies of hate
Restored new prejudice and faith
Welcome the New World Order
You exported violence - Preached intolerance
So you did since 1492
You taught oppression - Installed aggression
And now it's getting back at you
Welcome the New World Order
You grew with every opportunity that passed
Since you felt the power of kicking English ass
It's in your anthem, it all makes sense
A preliminary strike is still the best defense!
When their cause is just
Then conquer they must
And this be their motto
In God is their trust
You force us how to obey without debate
Dictate us that we have to fight any backward faith
Our destiny is now under your control
But to me you are the most backward of them all
A sensible consequence of your violent past
In time you've grown and now you will not rest
Until your flag in victory shall wave
Over the lands of the meek and home of the enslaved

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