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Isole - Shadowstone lyrics

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Shadowstone by Isole

Forevermore dark the world shall be
Upon the breaking of the seal
The birth of sin and Evil unleashed
In every man's heart and soul
Never again will tears be she'd
Upon the Loss of a Life
When it's wielded the world will be
Cast into the deepest despair
Below... Deep down... It lies... Waiting
Slowly... Glowing... Crimson... Inside
(The orb has awakened from it's ancient slumber...)
The shadows grow
The Shadowstone
The shadows grow
Spreading across the world... The Shadows grow
Growing darker and stronger... The Shadowstone
Will bring the end as the shadows grow
Cold and Dark
Fear in hearts
Now the night of souls and death
No, no more (life)
Once released from it's ancient slumber
And brought forth from it's Halls
The Shadowstone will bring destruction
To the son of Evea

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