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I Rise - The Common Hours lyrics

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The Common Hours by I Rise

As I recall
To the events caused prior to this murder
Why would a good boy do something like this (2x)
This massacre
No one could of seen this coming
All it took was for them to say
Don't pack your bags cause your here to stay.
So watch your mouth around the misses
My secrets have been told
I want to reign upon thee
As my case unfolds
She screams my name
As she runs away
My hearts so vicious
You'd do the same
She screams my name
Nothing left to say
There's nothing left here
There's nothing left home
The time to grow up is now 8x
You just step right into this picture
Expecting things to change
It's not happening
You'll never change
You'll stay the same
You'll never change
At least not for me
The time has come for your
Elimination (2x)
Your dead!

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