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Inveracity - Savagely Beaten lyrics

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Savagely Beaten by Inveracity

My eyes draw your back
This pretty face will bleed
But I love you I want to feel your pulse
I grab you and you freeze
Your fear reaches it's limits
You beg me to release you
But I get more berserk
You little blondie sl*t
With innocent blue eyes
I smash your pretty teeth
I punch you till you bleed
Resistance wont save you
I f**king hate you
My elbow breaks your nose
My knee dislocates your jaw
My kick will crush your spine
I own you, you're mine
Now that you're defiled
You're lying before me
Now I'm your god
Accept your inferiority
I smashed all your dreams
And I took your last breath away
I gave you my love
But now you're dead

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