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Inner Terrestrials - Mountain Of Lead lyrics

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Mountain Of Lead by Inner Terrestrials

Where can I heal my weary head?
Where can I heal my weary head?
I saw the forest burn as the earth bled
Tried to shut out the screams as they filled my head
But it still echos through me and fills me with dread
And weighs on my soul like a mountain of lead
Then up jumped the devil on a cold grey night
Asked me if my life was my own or a fight
Well I see it's freedom and justice you hunger
Look at yourself you're not getting any younger
Look after number on, live for thrills and fun
Think of yourself and what you could become
Well I looked him in the eyes, told him that I've tried
Each way that I turn they won't let me by
They shackled my hands, stamped on my plans
I've done all I can to make them understand
I was born free, that's my reality
I'll do what I have to for what I believe
Why are these people on my case
Why are these people on my case
They're like an army of ghosts chasing me round
I put out to see but they ran me aground
Each way I turned they made sure I was found
They made their voice heard till I was sick of the sound
I looked in the mirror and saw an old man
With something to say, this is how it began
I wonder if you will stick to your heart
Know you've been true when it's time to depart
Will you eat your food off this hand that feeds
Forget the times that you saw the earth bleed
Live out your life as a party to greed
Kill off the roots of freedoms seed

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