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Inner Surge - Intent lyrics

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Intent by Inner Surge

Reach in
Further down
There is much to be found
Reach in
Beyond the pain
There is new ground
Reach in past this life itself and fear
Reach in
Deeper still
You're almost here
Reach in
Right now
There's not much time
Reach in and just leave your enemies behind
Reach in when your mind is a cloudy sky
Reach in to a place past memories and lies
I'm calling you
Hoping you will hear
In time it will be crystal clear
I give to you
All that you ask for
Hoping you'll ask for something more
Here it is
Beyond the circle of life
This will lives, and this intent...
Pain is progress.
Now I can make this world again.
Please free this mind
From the things that it has seen.
No obstacle can withstand this
Let all fear fall away and die
It can be no other way
Call it life but alone it survives
This Intent is Operational.

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