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Inner Surge - Impact lyrics

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Impact by Inner Surge

Keep on pushing harder against these walls
This time we break through them all
And stop searching so helplessly on the outside
Throw myself over the end of the line
Neither pre-meditated or planned
I don't know when or if I'll land
No more vulnerability
Clean break
But your eyes they can't see me
Because I'm finding freedom in captivity
The powers that point the finger at you
They are the same ones that have had you slaving away
But no matter how long they cover up the truth
It will come back shining brightly in their eyes one day
We line up to shake the hand that blames
But when it points at us we are ready to fight
I've wasted so much time in the shadow of shame
It's time to stand up and step into the light
I can almost smell it in the air
Trying to hide it
You say that you don't care
But I know inside you're bruised and sore
And you'd give your life for something more

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