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In Dread Response - Viral Grounds lyrics

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Viral Grounds by In Dread Response

Caged in delight, wailing happily through the nuclear fog
Slave of the Carbon 14 cloud, you swing by chains of invisible torture
Puppeteer perverse, your marionette has clipped it's own strings
And in the snow -- limbless, bleeding (as the dove breaks it's own wings)
In landscapes of wrought iron animals, frozen writhing beasts lurk
Morphing delusively, waltzing in traumatic worlds, we no longer respond
Mechanical wolves, LCD predators waiting to pounce
Victimised, giggling in a realm of objectophilia,
Save me! Oh, pixelated Prince of Peace
Worship the plastic powers!
(Born-again Herods with gleaming swords, in firelight conspire)
Endtime prophecy is a needless argument
When the earth's spirit is dead
We are bathing in it's final breath
Spluttering in it's decay
Playing with it's amputations
Caressing it's seeping wounds
Bleeding cavern embraces me
Poison tomb infects me
Tower climbers preaching the end
But I'm already tasting skeletons
Eidolons of confusion cloud the inner self
Dementia children roam through parentless hallways
Blindfolded in spiritual chloroform
Corruption seed flourishes
A garden of toxic narcotics
Lead the masses into empty skull caverns
That festers above the swamps of madness
Aglow with the curse of mankind
Let us prey on apathetic hearts
Thrown into swirling oceans of suicide

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