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In Dread Response - Call Of The Carrion lyrics

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Call Of The Carrion by In Dread Response

Fatigue embraces me
Amidst these mighty oaks
Visions of escaping my flesh
And soaring to another realm comforts
All fear begins to take it's leave
A raven choir in boughs above
Shriek dirges and deathlike hymns
In a broken discordant chant
Deciduous trees she'd their leaves
On the forest floor beside me
Golden autumn in the shade of broken canopies
'Neath the pale sunlight
Crows flock and gather
Ignored, obscured and surreal
To hunt among the brambles
Falling twilight and the dusk sets in
Eyes closing never to wake
At the call of the carrion crow
In howls of pleasant whispers
To leave this wretched body
And it's marred flesh
To soar beyond the mountainous plains
Surrendering to the glow of the amber skies
Though I drown in Charon's wake
The beckoning winds unfold their invitation
As twilight draws it's deep curtain
I disappear into the dusk of mine
To join with the choirs of Asphodel
And become bewitched by the sylph
Drunk on the nectar of Ambrosia
At the edge of the light
I can taste the dew
Of Heavenshores
Shimmering in the air
Of the Elysian Sanctum
Yet the vines of deliverance
Wrapped around my limbs
Drag me to colourless waters
In the silent courts
Of moths...
Of dust...

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