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Impiety - Goatfather lyrics

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Goatfather by Impiety

Geathen flames engulf, as demons celebrate
Flow of thunderous death, chaos beyond control
Flock of Jehovah, demolished to a mess
Extermination - command! law made flesh
Bestial violence, deprivation and unrest
Kneel before your master, now face death
Goathfather... Exalted Lord Baphomet,
Goathfather... Genocidal Saviour
Desecration fumes engult, sign of irreverence
Icons of fallen gods, decorated in excrement
Blessed be Azazel, Emperial Sorreror in black
Under one flag, in your name, we launch attack
Profane and vulgar, triumphant march in league
With devils and demons, Necro troops of blasphemy
My hordes of the ancient cult
My hordes that rapes and strike
Tear down, demolishing all
I am the fist of the black god
Devourer of angels and souls
I tear down, obliterating all
I am the fist of the black emperor
Devourer of angels and souls

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