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Imperious Rex - The Beast lyrics

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The Beast by Imperious Rex

Everyone starts with a clean slate
We're all the same when we're born:
Hopeless... at the mercy of others...
Waiting to take on final form
Some have it good, so good
It's paradise right from the start
Some live at the fucking bottom
And stay there forever because that's who they are!
Choice: it's the one thing
That separates man from the beast
Will: the will to use it
That's what separates you and me!
I'll bet you can guess how my life's been
Maybe from the tone of these words!
You can be sure it's been shit
And you can be sure that I'm disturbed!
It's been a long time coming
But I'll finally take my own advice
And crawl out from underneath this pile
Then take you by the throat and take back my life!
Today is the day I take my final form
Today is the day I am reborn
When man and beast become one
Not even death can overcome!

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