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Imperious Rex - Before The Bullets Fly lyrics

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Before The Bullets Fly by Imperious Rex

Holy shit, they're comin' for me! They want me to beg, they want me to scream
But not tonight... it's too soon to die... so I loaded the guns and sharpened the knives
There's only one way in, only one way out! It's you or me (there is no doubt)!
With trembling hands drenched in sweat, without remorse, without regret:
Eyes straight ahead, pull the trigger until the dead are stacked 20-men-high
You'll never take me alive! (2x)
Heavy boots carry the souls of those about to die
It's not too late! Just turn around... I'll fade away before the bullets fly
On second thought, I'd be a fool to trust a truce, to believe in rules
So here we are: murderous maniacs! I know there's no turning back!

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