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Impaled lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Death After Life (2005)

Lyrics for album: Dementia Rex (2003)

Lyrics for album: Medical Waste (2003)

Lyrics for album: Mondo Medicale (2001)

Absence Of War
Alien Militant
All That You Fear
Amrageddon Death
Angel Rectums Still Bleed (the Sequel)
Burst Command 'til War
Carpe Mortem (Instrumental)
Chaosgoat Law
Choke On It
Convulsing Uncontrollably
Cult Of The Goat
Curse Of The Dead Medusa
Dead Inside
Enlightenment Process
Even More Pain
Execute Tapeworm Extermination
Fallout Theory In Practise
False Jehova
Gag Reflex
Goatvomit And Gasmasks
Gott Ist Tot
Gott Ist Tot (Antichrist War Mix)
Halo Of Flies
Hardboiled And Still Hellbound
Healers Of The Red Plague
Hoath: Darbs Lucifero
How The Laughter Died
I Al Purg Vompo
I Am The Killer Of Trolls
I Eat Pussy For Breakfast
In The Name Of Satan
Into The Eye Of The Storm
Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan Squad
Kuolema Kaikille (paitsi Meille)
Mika Luttinen's Letter
Mortification / Blood Red Razor Blade
My Blessing (the Beginning Of The End)
Never Forgive
Nyrkilla Tapettava Huora
Operating Theatre
Opolokia II: Aikolopa 666
Prequel To Bleeding
Prequel To Bleeding (Angels III)
Quab/The Burning
Raise The Stakes
Recreate Thru Hate
Reflect On This
Rhetoric Infernal
Sadhu Satana (holy Satan)
Sadistic 666 / Under Golden Shower
Satan Wants You Dead
Satanic Masowhore
Silent And Violent Type
Suffer In Silence
Tentacles Of The Octagon
The Burning Of Provinciestraat
The Crucified
The Day Of Reckoning
The Hippocritic Oath (Instrumental)
The Horny And The Horned
The Madness Behind
The Maggot Crusher
The Oath Of The Goat
The Pillory
The Plan
The Return Of The Nuclear Gods
The Worms Crawl In
To Die For
Under Attack
Urgent Need To Kill
Via Dolorosa
Violence I Crave
We Are Satan's Generation
We Belong Dead
Wrath Of The Goat

Lyrics for album: The Dead Shall Dead Remain (2000)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Coda Morte (Instrumental)
Critical Condition (Instrumental)
From here to colostomy
Goreverture (Instrumental)
Night soil
Rest In Faeces
The Dead Shall Dead Remain
Theatre Of Operations (Instrumental)
Untill death...

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