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Ignitor - I Never Knew lyrics

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I Never Knew by Ignitor

Hey, it's me again
I thought I'd let you know
I'm turning 18
And soon I'll have to go
Pray, watch over me
As I do as I vowed
I hope you're pleased with me
I hope I'll make you proud
Can you see me now?
Let me know somehow?
Is there a way back?
Oh, why did you leave me?
Can you hear me now?
Speak to me somehow?
Does the veil of death
Separate us completely?
Grandmother did her best
We struggled through the years
I worked so very hard
She always hid her tears
How I wish you were here
To see me on my way
To face my destiny
Evil will pay
I never knew you, Mother
I always missed you, Father
Why did you leave me, Mother?
Do you still love me, Father?
Avenge your death
Is what I vow
In darkened dreams
You showed me how
Through pain and hate
My heart grew hard
My hopes forever scarred
I know that death
Will be my fate
My sweet revenge
Will motivate
To see the look
Upon her face
In reaper's cold embrace
I never knew you, mama
I always missed you, papa
Why did you leave me, mama?
Do you still love me, papa?
I always loved you Mother
I always loved you Father
Why did you leave me Mother?
Do you still love me Father?

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