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Ian Parry - Sentiment In Sanctuary lyrics

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Sentiment In Sanctuary by Ian Parry

Hidden all those years
Sentiments & ways, in sanctuary
... in sanctuary [Backing vocals]
A biosphere of peace, and harmony is formed
The elders pass on wisdom to their... new generation
Now kindness has prevailed
Gone are strange beliefs
Those ideals of the past, don't belong in the future
There's no more need for war
Now the children here are free
[Backing vocals]
All the children, all the children free, all the children
No preconceived ideas, tranquillity an' life
They're just pages in a book, captured for eternity
Now's the time, let the truth be known
Their sentiment in sanctuary
The warning signs, were ignored
The philosophical chosen few, made their choice
To protect them from this madness
There's only one way for mankind, to survive
Decisions taken, society will change
An end to integration, but maybe not forever
Sentiment in Sanctuary
Hidden values from the past
Have been saved, for (all)... one and all
Sentiments we've shared together
A hidden treasure from the past
Reveal the mysteries
Waiting there for one and all
(Just waiting there)
... in time we shall see, in time we shall see!
No need to she'd a tear, 'cos when the future's here
Then everybody, shall live together
To help each other more, is the quality of life
Turn the pages in the book, read it's there for all to see
The magic and the mysteries
Our sentiment, protected in sanctuary

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