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IamSU! - U Guessed It (Freestyle) lyrics

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U Guessed It (Freestyle) by IamSU!

f**k it, I'm gettin' my ? sh*t (damn)
You niggas dressin' like b**ches (true)
I'm gettin' that palace, the public
They vapor me, referee, don't blow yo whistle (let's get it)
Please don't interrupt the baller (no)
I be swaggin' on the stage (true)
Spray that Saint Laurent cologne (sheesh)
Mack a b**ch that's twice my age
Stackin' my age, stackin' my pockets (stackin')
These people, they watchin' me, prolly should show up
Smoke so much weed that I prolly should slow down
They tryna be copy the way that I'm writin'
But don't have the knowledge and know-how's
Stick a hater like a blow how
f**k the gang, ya know I'm still down
sh*t done got real now
Look in my eye, look how these niggas done switched up they vibe
Look how I'm smokin' with two strangers at a time
Step up, you b**ches, gon' get you a dime
Don't touch, this sh*t mine
b**ch you guessed it, still with my niggas
And flexin' (goddamn)
And I'm flexin' (goddamn)
Like b**ch you guessed it
Still with my niggas
And flexin'
Run em red lights through intersections

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