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I Am Hunger - Death Of All Kinds lyrics

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Death Of All Kinds by I Am Hunger

Cure my hatered, cure my agony
Oh just belive me when I pray that I want to be.
I am the only one who craves to be free.
My observations, they make me doubt
I never thought that I was acing to come out.
Miscalculations, I lost track of everything.
Still everyday I fight a battle from within.
A symphony, rings on and on in me.
Anxiety, takes a hold of me.
I wanna feel it in my teeth and my mouth now
Throw me down to the ground like so many times before
Feed me with dirt, with soil and earth.
I am the last, Oh I wan't to be free.
Not like the last time,
I could'nt even remember when it all began and it's a shame.
To see your body collapse, your blood on the floor.
Got thrown down unable to get up again, yeah it's a shame.
I wanna find a way to comprimise
I wanna find a way to stare into the morning light.
Without regression, of what I've left behind.
Reaching out my hands
I'm reaching out with every bone in my body
But you break me.
I'm growing tired of trying to succed.

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