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Huntingtons - Stinky's All Grown Up lyrics

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Stinky's All Grown Up by Huntingtons

When stinky was 7 years old
Did everything he was told
And tried his best to fi in with the crowd
Got picked last for schoolyard games
Never called him by his name
Always fell short of makin' his mom proud
Now stinky's got it all planned out
He'll show them now that he's no clown ''cause
Stinky's all grown up
But he's still aggravatin
Stinky's all grown up
But all his friends still hate him
Stinky's all grown up
And he's tired of waiting for his day to come
Most kids have toys, stinky had rocks
Couldn't seen to match his socks
The dirtmarks on his right arm stayed the same
Went to summer camp each year
Carried with him just one fear
That someone would show up
That knew his name

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