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Howie Day - Buzzin, Drunk Version lyrics

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Buzzin, Drunk Version by Howie Day

Buzzin and flying
everybody's trying too hard
well this just is just a guess but
less is more than more now
step outside
its colder than hell
but i, make sure that you're terrified ill make sure that your
you can never say well, can never play
but you got some
you’re a getting drunk
its a matter of getting drunk
whatchu wanna drink
would you wanna get drunk
Oh get drunk
I love to get drunk
Oh drunk
Oh I think we should get me f**ked up
If you’ll come by at quarter to midnight
Well get so drunk we wont be able to walk out of the door
well walk out of the window because were so f**king drunk
i'm smiling cuz i'm so high
you were feelin lazy not now
you're suspicions have no feel of me somehow
wont you step outside its cold than hell
but i make sure that you're getting drunk with me
now tell me baby
and i'll try we could get drunk early
if you come by before your usual time
of quarter to midnight
you're so loud
you're waking up the neighbors dog
because he drunk and i'm still buzzin' for you baby
for you baby
oh no no
now quarter at midnight
your so loud your waking up the neighbors dog
because he’s sh*t faced
and he’s crying because the woman’s dog that he loves is away
doggie love

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