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Houwitser - I Shape The Suffering lyrics

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I Shape The Suffering by Houwitser

I shape the suffering -to indulge my necrolust_Tormentor, punisher,
The puritan -I shape the suffering -How I like my flesh -I like them young
And fresh -I like to hear them scream of intense suffering -Split them open
Wide as I come inside -penetrate their flesh -with a butcher knife -
Pounding in bleeding flesh -cutting of your skin -Rip the innards out
Of your stinking cunt -I like to purify -the pain I won't deny -Your intense
Suffering brings me in ecstasy -See what you became 15 years of age -
Your my love doll now -a pile of bleeding flesh -Her legs spread open wide
But no guts inside -I masturbate ones more on the fecies of that whore -
I'm the punisher as my hammer cracks your skull -I the puritan piece by
Piece cut of your skin -decapitation -as I fuck her bleeding ass -
To indulge my necrolust -I shape the suffering -
Tormentor, punisher, the puritan -I shape the suffering -

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