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Hostage Life - The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader lyrics

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The Quietest Mutiny Or Dear Leader by Hostage Life

for you, darling, I’ll wear this smile
I will walk that long extra mile and I’ll pretend we’re tight as friends
ass over tits, baby, I’ll bend but it’s an act
behind your back, it’s just a means to an end
I ain’t saying nothing to your face
I tell you, darling, mum’s the word
ain’t saying nothing lest you get hurt and I’ll falsify my loyalty
conduct the quietest mutiny
it won’t be easy because you’re a prick, I hate your f**king guts
I’ll show up everyday, for sure
so on the first I’ll be secure
make sure my thoughts are curbed because this could be so much worse
and I will try to look you in the eyes when I talk
without grabbing your head to rip it off
inside this shirt and tie
my pride and debt collide

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