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Honeyrods - Soap Opera lyrics

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Soap Opera by Honeyrods

(R.J. Johnson/The Honeyrods)
I lost your room keys so sue me
would you be interested
in hearing what I have to say for myself
and after all the confusion
illusions seem to say
you're going to be a soap opera star
You're instamatic not static
to get what you reach for
you're a piece of work, yes you are
Always a big deal, what you feel
so be real with us now
we know those day time spots taught you how
to be right now
so show us how
was it really that bad
was it really that bad
after all that you said
after all that you did
I felt you lips when you kissed me
amazing just to see
you're a superstar, forget TV
Forget the numbers and faces
remember who you are
we still love our sop opera star
you're spectacular
a natural

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